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On Spontaneous Side-of-the-Road Sessions

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“Oh my gosh, you guys, look at the sunset! Look at the light! This is amazing! I’m going to grab my camera… quick, let’s get in the car and go find a field!”

This is the kind of thing you might expect to hear your sister say on a random May evening if she’s a photographer and you and your girlfriend are her pet Urban Outfitters models. :)

I stumbled across these photos a couple of days ago and had forgotten that I had even taken them on one of my visits back to Knoxville to shoot a wedding last spring. My brother Seth and his girlfriend Joy are the absolute cutest, and I love exploiting that for impromptu photo shoots every now and then. ;) For these, we literally jumped in the car to drive to a high hill near my parents house as the sun was dipping low into the sky, so all this was done in about 7 minutes before it was completely dark. And for two people not planning on being photographed and having zero time to get ready, they look pretty flipping adorable, right?! I’m telling you…. UO models!

I love you guys! And to everyone else…. Happy Friday! :)

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