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Morgan not only captured every part of our wedding day perfectly, but she was a wonderful person to have at our special day. She manages to be a complete professional while making you feel like she is your best friend. Morgan knew every person’s name, even the odd German names, and was able to remember a face like she had known everybody just as long as I had! I couldn’t imagine any person being a better photographer than Morgan!!

Amanda Wald, married in Birmingham, AL on October 1, 2011

I knew when I saw the photographs that Morgan took of my friend’s wedding that she was an extremely talented artist. I remember looking at these pictures, and thinking to myself that if my than-boyfriend were to propose, Morgan would no doubt be our wedding day photographer. Just a few months later, he did, and Morgan was the very first of our vendors that I contacted. How surprised I was to find what an incredible human being she was as well. She was not at all jaded or rude, the way so many talented folks are. She was kind and gracious with her time. She wanted to know us and what our wedding was about. The entire process was fantastic, and the photos? I shall let them speak for themselves. Morgan Trinker is the single most amazing photographer in the industry today – I say that without any hesitation.

Niurka Maldonado, married in Waitsfield, VT on December 18, 2010

One of the best qualities in working with Morgan is that she feels so much an organic part of your event. It’s as if you’ve asked one of your best friends to capture a special day– except Morgan brings her amazing and unique perspective to your day too! Bonus! Photography can be such a subjective art form, but I’ll steal a quote from my husband because I think he sums up Morgan’s talents quite well: “In all of her work, I see the trained balance between serendipity and design, the magical and the mundane.” If Morgan’s style is what you’re after, you can’t ask for a more amazing person to work with– both on a personal and professional level!

Lindsay Lapinski, married in Vernon, New Jersey on September 5, 2010

Morgan is amazing! We didn’t meet in person until she arrived in Portland, Oregon for the wedding. Even though we had never met and she had never been to Portland, the ease of working with Morgan was a real joy. Her second shooter came down from Seattle and was also terrific. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I trusted Morgan. Her taste, her judgement, her keen eye for capturing the things that were important to me: color, personality, the fun of a wedding. She was sensitive to our needs, professional in every way, and the photos are dynamite! Never did I imagine we’d end up on wedding blogs(!)–it is all about the images. She was a vendor, but could just have easily be at my wedding as a guest and a friend. And did I mention that she was responsive even while going through an inter-state move??┬áCannot recommend her enough.

Sarah Ono, married in Portland, OR on October 9, 2010

Morgan Trinker is not only the most professional photographer I have ever worked with, but she is also extremely easy to work with. She has extremely creative ideas, but is still willing to listen to yours. Morgan corresponds so quickly, and when you’re planning a wedding in any sort of time frame, correspondence is extremely vital. She was extremely reliable, and brides need to be able to count on their vendors. Morgan was always extremely friendly, and this made my engagement go extremely smooth, I wasn’t afraid of making her mad with my opinions and concerns because I knew she always had my best interest at heart. Morgan was so flexible, and willing always. She wanted to make sure everything went better than planned. My favorite part about my wedding is my photos. Morgan did my engagements which were a hit, my bridal portraits, and of course my actual wedding day. She went above and beyond 110 % of the time. She had our wedding pictures online and posted less than a week after our wedding day. As a bride you are extremely eager to see your magical day, Morgan Trinker wastes no time. She is a professional, and you would be foolish not to hire her. She makes you feel extremely special, like a bride should feel. She is all that, and a bag of chips =]. I have found a forever friend in Morgan Trinker, and I know she will be a friend of my family’s for a long time!

Kelly Ginn, married in Memphis, TN on October 22, 2011

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