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Erin + Jon // A Whimsical Baton Rouge Wedding

When Erin and Jon first met, it certainly wasn’t part of the plan for them to fall in love. What they thought was going to be a casual first meet up when Erin was visiting Texas from Louisiana turned into (in Erin’s words) Jon ambushing her with a nice meal and his mother, and by the weekend she was head over heels for him. I love what Erin wrote about their relationship:

“We are extraordinarily alike on several counts: both of our mothers are social workers, both of us are scientists, both of us used to be liberal arts majors, both of us love portmanteaus and puns, both of us love geekery and games, and we both love watching Japanese cartoons and commenting about how America’s cartoons are never as cool/mature/whatever. We share similar political views and opinions about religion or lack thereof. I think we are an exceptional example of solidarity within a relationship. Some people would get bored with sameness, I think, but for me, it roots me deeper in him and him in me, and our branches twine together.”

It was so apparent at their wedding that their friends and family see them as an example for how all relationships should be, so it was amazing to witness everyone’s celebration of that. And the way they approached wedding planning was so unique to them. They didn’t want anything too traditional, so they decided to get “officially” hitched at the courthouse and then have a lunchtime celebration on a Friday afternoon, complete with a taco truck, sangria, sweet indie love songs, color and fun everywhere, and a self-uniting ceremony in which they said their vows to each other in front of all their guests.

When I first walked into the Steele Burden Memorial Orangerie, where the wedding was held, I nearly died. All of the color and fun, vintage, DIY details made my heart sing. I could immediately tell that Erin and I are style sisters, and I love that she spent many hours hand sewing every bunting flag and collecting vintage items. Her mom even handmade her adorable tea-length dress, which I of course loved, especially since my mom made my wedding dress.

Huge thank you also to my wonderful second shooter Mary Margaret Smith, who captured some of the beautiful shots you see below and also was an absolute blast to hang out with!


One thing that was so great about the wedding was how all of the guests came dressed to match the colorful, whimsical, springy color scheme. I’ve never seen so many well-coordinated outfits! :)

These two are just way too sweet together. I love it.

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?!

I posted a preview of the shot below on Facebook the other day, and holy cow, I’m in love with it. This one’s courtesy of Mary Margaret! :)

Erin and Jon, thank you so much for allowing me into your lives and your love to capture it. It was a truly magical day, and I’m so honored you chose me to be there!

Melissa W. - I love all of the color!!! What a cute couple they make!

Kaitie Bryant - AHHHHH!!!! I love this- all of it! If I were to plan my wedding now I would want all these bright colors and super details- awesome work capturing it, Morgan! You are incredible! I am especially hungry for a taco now:) love the shots you got of people at the reception and how cute this couple is- you really captured their personalities. awesome!

Indi - Congrads Erin! Beautiful! ;-)

Baton Rouge Wedding Photography | Mary Margaret Smith Photography - [...] very excited photographers)! Many thanks to Morgan for taking me along for this one. Check out her blog post to see more photos from Erin and Jon’s big day!   Comments [...]

jduet - I have a wedding coming up. I am not what you would call a “plantation bride”. I have been searching all over for some place that is pretty but doesn’t make me go ICK. Finding this site was a miracle! Erin’s wedding is Exactly what I am looking to have. The bright colors, cakes, location. I just LOVE everything about what I am seeing here!

Can you give me any advice or names?

P.S. The taco truck and boccie ball were really nice touches!

Thanks for the inspirations. This process has been a nightmare until I found this site!

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