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A Merry Christmas and 2012 Client Gifts

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I hope you all are enjoying a very happy holiday season with your loved ones! Right now I’m typing this in my parents’ living room here in Knoxville, TN, surrounded by some of my favorite people, a beautifully lit tree, lots of presents we’ll be exchanging later tonight, and a pork roast cooking in the kitchen that smells absolutely divine. Despite still being in recovery from being sick all last week (and now having passed my germs onto Jamie and my dad– sorry everyone), I feel so thankful and happy to be here in this moment. I hope wherever you are as you’re reading this, you’re feeling the same (minus the coughing and hoarse voice, of course).

I wanted to share a little peek at something I’ve been working on for awhile now. Because 2012 been such a crazy, wonderful, exciting year, I wanted to do a little something special for my wedding clients. (Most of you should have received yours by now, but if you haven’t, pretend like you aren’t seeing this right now. ;) )  I’m so thankful to them for allowing me to be apart of their wonderful weddings, and I wanted to give them something to commemorate their first Christmas together as married couples. But I also wanted something super custom and keepsake-worthy. One of my very favorite wedding gifts Jamie and I received was from a family friend who cross-stitched and framed an image of the aqua car we had at our wedding (and took a billion photos in front of). So with that in mind, I asked my incredibly talented friend Mandii of Laughter & Snow to illustrate custom portraits of each of my brides and grooms. I’ve been in love with her whimsical, colorful, Tim-Burton-eqsue style since she began Instagramming her doodles a few months back, so I hoped she’d be up for the challenge. Luckily, she hopped on board! All I did was ask her to incorporate elements that made each wedding unique, while making all the portraits look uniform with a similar color palette, and when she showed me the first round of drafts, I nearly fell out of my chair. I couldn’t believe how perfectly she had nailed each person’s style and personality with just simple line drawings. Every detail was so thoughtfully incorporated, and the colors were stunning. I almost didn’t want to let these babies go once she delivered them. ;) But luckily I DID take some photos so that we can all enjoy this girl’s crazy talent. Seriously, you guys…. if you have any design or illustration needs, you NEED to email her. She’s a genius (and a joy to work with, to boot!).

Enjoy this sneak peek, and again, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Michele K. - Awwwww, you mentioned the cross-stitch I made you. I’m so glad it is enjoyed!!

Kim - Morgan, we LOVE our print! Soo incredibly thoughtful and yet ANOTHER reason why you’re the most talented, wonderful, and incredibly caring photographer EVER. This is why you’re the one who will continue to document our family through your eye and lens.

Thank you so much for going above and beyond! <3

Brynn Callahan - We got ours! It was such a great surprise on Christmas Eve!! I loved the tire swing that was included, just like from the photo we used for our thank you cards :)

Lorraine - I love that I can recognize all your clients just from these portraits! How totally sweet.

I have decided that blog stalking a photographer all year is sort of like watching a favorite television series. It has a style, a look, and a feel as beloved (and well dressed) characters move in and out of the plot. And it even has a season premiere and season finale! Basically, I love watching your show, Morgan. :)

Happy new year!

Erin Yeschin - Thank you soooo much for our adorable pic! The incorporation of our beloved puppies, and even Steve’s ‘shorts’ is all so perfect and personal – we LOVE it! You’re amazing and beyond talented and we’re so lucky to have had you & Sam capture the most incredible day of our lives yet. A million thank you’s couldn’t convey our gratitude but know we are forever grateful and feel truly blessed!

Rebekah - Merry Christmas Morgan!

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