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Maren + Quint // An Art-Inspired Auburn Wedding

dreamy night time wedding portrait

This wedding was featured on Modernly Wed.

Whew…. Where do I even begin with this one?

When we arrived at Maren’s parents’ house in Auburn the morning of her wedding, and when I saw her in person for the first time, wearing her adorable little red striped shorts, we both kind of squealed and she gave me a huge hug, and it honest-to-goodness felt like seeing a long lost friend. Though we’d only been in contact by email up to that point, I felt an instant connection to her. We have a mutual love for anything striped or Harry Potter-related, and when she told me she had a dream that I was driving her and Quint around in a seafoam green vintage Thunderbird on their wedding day, it was pretty much confirmed that we share brain waves. She also hinted at her eclectic personal style, full of colors and patterns and inspired by art, especially her mother’s paintings. But when I stepped into their home and saw the walls literally covered in the most vibrant works of art you could imagine, I knew we were in for a treat.

Maren and Quint’s mutual love for art also inspired a lot of their wedding choices. They picked the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art as their venue, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop. Maren and her mom collaborated on all of their paper goods, incorporating Mrs. Brown’s paintings and some pretty fantastic hand lettering. They even had their parents and some of their bridal party members draw illustrations of them, which they displayed on a giant easel at the reception, alongside some of their own artwork from their childhood (TOO CUTE).

But what got me the most, more than any of the design elements (although those were wonderful to photograph), was the sheer amount of joy and emotion that was so evident throughout the entire day. From the moment Maren’s father and brother saw her in her dress for the first time (during which there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, including my own), to the bridesmaids chanting Quint’s name and cheering as he showed up to the house for the first look, to the graceful way in which Maren handled the news that the outdoor ceremony she had envisioned would have to be moved inside due to rain, to the playful and affectionate way that Maren and Quint interact with each other…. it was all just about more than any one heart (or camera) could handle.

But for now I’ve got to stop blabbing and get to the goods. Huge thanks to Mary Margaret Smith for assisting and beautifully capturing some of the images you’ll see below!

creative artistic wedding invitation suite

Mary Margaret and I literally gasped when we unzipped the bag and saw Maren’s Jenny Packham dress for the first time. This designer is a favorite of Kate Middleton (you MUST see this dress), and for good reason. But the best part about the dress was how it suited Maren to a T. I love when brides choose dresses that work perfectly for them!

jenny packham gorgeous beaded wedding dress auburn alabama wedding photographer

At the risk of sounding stalkerish, I am just seriously in love with Maren’s style. I’ve been telling people that she kind of reminds me of an actress in the 40′s, playing the fast-talking newspaper reporter role, a la Katharine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell. (Hopefully she takes this as a compliment, because it totally is one.) And I seriously considered stealing those red striped shorts. ;)

adorable redheaded bride auburn alabama creative vintage wedding colorful artsy wedding photography birmingham AL wedding photographer bride and brother

bride putting on jenny packham wedding dress

sweet emotional bridesmaids getting ready for wedding at home auburn AL wedding sweet alabama bride birmingham wedding photographer happy bridesmaids

If you haven’t already choked up, it’s time to grab the tissues. Maren’s dad was hiding out while she got into her dress, and this was his reaction on seeing her in it for the first time:

emotional bride seeing father for first time candid birmingham AL photographer sweet bride and father bridesmaids crying

And while I’ve seen more than one father lose it over seeing his daughter for the first time, her brother’s reaction REALLY floored me.

emotional brother of bride birmingham wedding photographer beautiful forties-inspired bride maren in heart-shaped sunglasses bouquet of peonies mismatched pink bridesmaids dresses


bridesmaids cheering for groom first look sweet wedding day first look auburn alabama wedding photographer modern southern wedding forget the rainy forecast kiss on the forehead alabama wedding photographer groom in southern blue gingham shirt and khaki suit red patent leather kate spade shoes auburn alabama wedding photographer gorgeous bride and groom fun colorful alabama wedding photographer jule collins smith museum of art wedding maren and quint wedding garden inspired wedding

This next one is definitely a favorite.

sweet love southern may wedding jule collins smith museum of art wedding painting-inspired wedding programs

It’s a family tradition for all the women on Maren’s mother’s side of the family to have their photo taken in her great-grandmother’s wedding dress before they get married. So special!

bride wearing great-grandmother handmade guest book

Even though the ceremony had to be moved inside, it ended up being pretty dang awesome nonetheless. I mean, they said their vows under a Chihuly chandelier!

dave chihuly chandelier above wedding ceremony

candid bride and father moment art museum wedding ceremony yay we wedding happiness post-ceremony high adorable candid wedding moment wiping away tears maren and quint wedding colorful artistic creative southern wedding english garden-inspired florals peach tea and chevron napkins illustrations of bride and groom at wedding robot bride and groom jazz band at wedding shrimp and grits and baked sweet potato fries auburn alabama wedding photographer art-loving bride birmingham wedding photographer first dance reception dancing colorful candids cutting the groom cake on the economist art museum wedding walking in the art gallery art gallery wedding portraits

All five of Maren’s father’s groomsmen from her parents’ wedding 35 years ago were in attendance at Maren and Quint’s wedding. How incredible is that?

bride artistic auburn wedding fun dancing slapping knees cute kids bride and groom candid

Maren and Quint, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of such a magical day. xoxo


Kelly - Wow Morgan, you’ve amazed me once again :)

Gail - GASPP!!!!!! MORGAN!!!! This wedding is SO BEAUTIFUL! GAH! Wish I could have shot it with you! From the art to the quirk to the handsome Quint and beautiful throwback Maren, I loved every one of these images. BUT….THAT DRESS!!!!!! Kate Middleton has put Jenny on my radar and I DIE over her designs. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve EVER seen! WONDERFUL job capturing these images. I kind of want to give her dad a hug now, he’s so cute!

Brooke Schultz - This is really one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen–captured so, so beautifully. Amazing work.

Ute - WOW. Crying. Cant type. LOL. BEAUTIFUL. I also want to hug her dad. LOL.

Jill - Absolutely beautiful! You can tell they are having the best day of their lives!

Anne - Morgan, those pics look like they’r out of a movie! I cant find words to say how beautiful they are. You can feel the happiness und joy of the whole family and friends, but especially of the bride!

Lisa Sexton - I KNEW as I was watching you work that you were getting AMAZING pictures but even these stunned me!!
So perfect. So great at showing the unique and creative parts of this wedding. Maren and Quint are such a darling couple and this wedding was nothing but fun!
The shot in the rain is a prize winner. Absolutely
Congratulations on an outstanding job.
Lisa Sexton, mother of Margo Black, a bridesmaid but also a huge fan of Maren and Quint…

Brooke - Absolutely stunning. What a treat to meet such a wonderful couple and their families.

Jenn Valluzzo - Oh Morgan these are phenomenal. I love them both after looking at these!

kimber - Holy. Wow. What an incredible wedding! Beautifully done!

carly - Definitely my favorite of yours to date, Mo… Image after image… Emotion after emotion. This one just soars.

Sabrina - L-O-V-E this session!! :)

Amanda - Oh, Morgan! These pictures are incredible! You have outdone yourself. A couple of my favorite are: the photo with the umbrella in the rain (of course) and the photo of them walking across the floor in the art gallery (so chic), the bride with her Dad and her brother in the background…..oh, who am I kidding? I love them all and I love you! :)

Amanda - Good gracious Morgan, this a beautiful collection of work! Everything about the wedding was perfect, but the way you pieced it together to tell the story is amazing. Another job well done!

Helen - These are the most amazing photos EVER. Morgan Trinker, YOU have a gift.

Lauren Dunn - It’s been too long since I’ve perused your pictures; I was already getting lip-quivers over your paragraphs at the top, and then the photos just tipped me over the edge. Wow. What an unbelievable wedding, and what perfect photos for them to remember their day. You are so talented! And yes, Maren seems to remind me quite a bit of you . . . I miss you!

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