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Laura + Bryant // A Sweet Southern Vintage-y Wedding in a Small Town

When I drove into Pine Mountain, Georgia this past Friday, I couldn’t help but think it was the most quintessential charming Southern small town I’d seen in awhile. Winding country roads, a main street with darling antique shops and cozy cafes, and the smell of honeysuckle and the sound of crickets hanging in the air. Just perfect. But the best part was getting to feel like a local for the short less-than-36-hours I spent there with my friend and fellow photographer Carrie Joy, who graciously agreed to drive down from her own town in Georgia to second shoot for me. When she drove to Birmingham to meet me for lunch and coffee a few months ago, we hit it off right away, so I knew it would be fun to spend the weekend hanging out and shooting with her. But then, when she blogged recently about her deep love for the South, I knew we were going to have a FIELD DAY together at Laura and Bryant’s oh-so-Southern wedding. And boy, was I right!

It began as soon as we got into town Friday afternoon. Carrie Joy arrived a little bit before me, so she began wandering around the main street and stumbled across a cute little bakery. While there, she happened to meet Phil, who owns Sweet Home Plantation (where the wedding reception would be held the next night), as well as the bakery AND an adorable antiques shop nearby. Living the dream, right? And she also met the florist for the wedding hanging out there too! So of course, once I arrived, she told me that we HAD to eat dinner there and introduced me to everyone, and we had an amazing evening full of peach tea (don’t ask how long it took me to fall asleep after that), lamb chops and beef tenderloin, and a hearty helping of Southern hospitality. It was pretty much like we were in a scene straight out of Elizabethtown, a movie we both adore.

But it only got better the next day, the day of the wedding. Laura and Bryant and all of their family and friends are just some of the most kind, welcoming people I’ve met, so it was a joy to document every little moment of the day and soak in all the Georgia goodness surrounding us. When I first met these two for their engagement session back in November, I loved how comfortable and easy they were together, just loving on each other (and their sweet pups) as if I wasn’t even there. And their wedding was no different!

Before I annoy you with any more of my blabbing, I’ll get to the photos. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they do justice to the beauty of the day. Huge thanks to Carrie Joy for her killer images, some of which you’ll see below.

First of all… how stunning is Laura?! Seriously. Second of all, I love the fact that Phil had a signed engagement photograph of William and Kate hanging in the house, because Laura and Bryant are now going to share their wedding anniversary with the royal couple. How cool is that?

A note on the gorgeous magnolia purse below: If anyone ever sees one like it, you MUST notify me immediately so that I can buy one for myself.

Bryant’s gracious family members lent them their classic Thunderbird convertible as their getaway car. SO PERFECT.

Ok, this next photo absolutely cracks me up. These guys are not groomsmen… they just happen to be wearing almost identical suits. And I LOVE how they’re all turned and smiling in the EXACT same way. Priceless!

Some of the folks on the dance floor had me and Carrie Joy nearly in tears. It was so special to watch the family members dance with each other. These are the kinds of photos that I think everyone wants to have of their parents and grandparents to pass down.

As the light was getting particularly yummy, I pulled Laura and Bryant aside for another quick round of photos. How much do you love the cute little dress Laura changed into?

Congratulations you two! Carrie Joy and I had such an incredible time capturing your memories AND making our own! Thank you so much for giving us that honor. :)


Carrie Joy - Yay! I love it! :) It’s so exciting to see how everything came together! I LOVE everything about Laura & Bryant & our time in Pine Mountain. Thanks again for having me! It was wonderful! :)

Laura Hart Pair - Morgan and Carrie Joy,

I can’t thank you both enough!! We couldn’t be happier with your photographs. You both have a gift of capturing people like you have known them for years. These pictures truly represent us, our friends, and our families. We can’t wait to see more because these are insane! Thanks again!

Jane Pair - Wonderful! You two captured beautiful photographs and also the feelings of all who were there. Great job!…and Morgan, I think I just may be able to find one of those gorgeous magnolia purses for you!

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