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Rhiannon + Andrew // An Anniversary Session at the Zoo

anniversary portraits at the birmingham zoo

When Rhiannon first contacted me about doing an anniversary session for her and her husband Andrew, she told me that she had initially come across my work when she was planning her wedding last year. They ended up getting married in Florida at a venue that only allowed them to use certain vendors, but she kept my website bookmarked for the future. Fast forward to this year…. Andrew wasn’t too keen on getting his photo taken, so Rhiannon sneakily got him to participate by asking for the session for her birthday. And apparently he just couldn’t say no. ;)

We decided to meet up at the Birmingham Zoo on a Friday afternoon. It was my first time there, and I LOVED it! They’ve undergone a lot of changes in the past few years, and it felt very Animal Kingdom-esque. Plus, since there had been a threat of rain all day, the park was practically empty, which made it that much more fun. I love how the environment made the shoot feel so light-hearted, too. It was fun to act like kids for a couple of hours. And snuggling monkeys really just make everything better. :)

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to document this stage of your journey together! I had a blast!

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Carrie Joy - Awwwww… What a cute session! SO FUN & playful. I love this entire set. Great job as always my dear :)

elle Danielle - spooning monkeys :)

The Bubalo Family

There are several sessions from the past few months that I just haven’t been able to blog yet, and this is one of them, so I’m happy to finally be sharing it today! Barbara, who is a talented photographer herself, contacted me a loooong time ago about setting up a family shoot, and thankfully the stars finally aligned and we were able to meet up on a sunny weekday at one of the parks in the Highland neighborhood for some fun. I was NOT prepared for how cute the whole family was going to look though… Barbara expertly coordinated all their outfits (while letting the kids still be kids, which is important!), and I couldn’t get over all the adorableness. Polka dots, stripes, colors, and cowboy boots? She’s a girl after my own heart! I loved that the Bubalos let me capture them just as they are– smiles, fusses, hugs, and all– and I’m so happy with what we got! Thank you guys for such a great day! :)


katie - 3 things.
1. this family and these photos are adorable.
2. wherever this is, i want to live there.
3. is it just me or does barbara slightly resemble justine bateman?

Meredith - Seriously ADORABLE!!

Stephanie + Josh // A Downtown Birmingham Just-Married Session

creative birmingham AL photographer

YOU GUYS. I’ll just go ahead and say it… I’m obsessed with this session. But before I get into it, I should give you some back story:

You might remember that it was my friend Stephanie who did ridiculously amazing wedding and photo styling as Proper Measures here in Birmingham awhile back. She was the visionary behind the styled rooftop bachelorette party I shot back in 2011. (Has it been that long?!) Since then, she has taken a job as a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters, who moved her out to Atlanta last year. And yes, we’ve all been missing her and her talent ever since. (A regular topic of conversation between me and some of my photographer friends is “Why did Stephanie have to leeeaave?! Birmingham needs her!”) Fast forward to this spring. I knew she had been dating this guy Josh (who happens to be the bassist for As I Lay Dying, NBD), but when she went on vacation with him to Palm Springs and Vegas and Instagrammed these photos….

… I was like, WHAT?! So amazing. And SO Stephanie’s style. I mean, seriously, could she and Josh look any cooler or more adorable together? So when she emailed me to say that she and Josh were planning to come to Birmingham for a reception for their friends and family before moving out to California together (where Josh’s band is based and where Stephanie just landed a transfer to another UO store), and wondered if I’d be up for doing some “real” photos of the two of them, I was so pumped. It was my first time meeting Josh, and I could tell immediately how perfect they are for each other and how happy they are together, which makes me so excited for this new chapter in Stephanie’s life.

We started the afternoon in and around the historic Redmont Hotel (the site of the bachelorette shoot, funnily enough) and ended the day at Railroad Park, where the city just installed the most amazing LED light display under one of the underpasses. I’ve been wanting to shoot there since they turned the lights on, so when Stephanie mentioned it as a possibility, I was reminded how much we think on the same wavelength when it comes to stuff like this. :) So without further ado, I’ll let the photos do some of the talking…

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Yep, these two are pretty dang good-looking together. ;)

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Congratulations Stephanie and Josh, and best of luck with the big move out to CA! Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration. :)


elle Danielle - I mean, could you be any more stinking talented?! Love, love, love, love them all! How amazing for them to be blessed with these great pictures, before moving to California.

Gail - You KILLED it with these, my friend! SO crazy proud of you and your talent. It’s always such a joy to look at your work (and makes me MISS YOU!)

Lorraine - Dude. DUDE.

Kelly Cummings - Love the one through the car. I’m a jelly Kelly for sure, congrats Stephanie!

katie - Girl. These are awesome. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you are a total chameleon and I love that about you! One day you’re photographing babies, the next a rock star couple. You go from Parent Magazine to Rolling Stone in the click of the shutter. Obsessed.

Sarah Becker Lillard - STUNNING! One of my favorite sessions of yours for sure! Love the tilt-shift magic you got goin’ on! AMAZING

Alisson - amazing pictures! i’m a big fan from as i lay dying.

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