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Hannah + Eli // A Joyful Hartselle, AL Wedding

One thing that I love about Hannah and Eli’s story is how much of it involves being stuck in cars together. The first time they met was at a Huntsville music festival (featuring Akon– the DJ played one of his songs at the reception in honor of this :)), when they were forced to drive back to Tuscaloosa after it was over– just the two of them, having only just met– so that their mutual friends who were interested in each other could ride back together. Hannah said she wasn’t happy about it at first, thinking it was going to be incredibly awkward, but they ended up hitting it off and talking nonstop for the 2+ hour drive.

Then, not long after they began dating, a group of their friends decided to road trip to California when Alabama went to the 2009 national championship. They drove straight through, taking turns driving and sleeping in a small van. Quite an adventure for a newly blossoming relationship! And since then, these two have created many more memories on the road in Hannah’s car “Betsy,” which is known for breaking down and running out of gas in random places. Between that and their knack for getting lost, it’s no wonder many of their best stories begin with “We were riding in Betsy when…”

I’m so honored that I had the opportunity to shoot their wedding up in Hartselle (and thankfully, no crazy car stories were part of it ;)). Hannah and Eli are literally two of the smiliest people I’ve ever met, and it’s a joy to be around them and see them light up around each other. And both sides of their family… well, they know how to have a good time. There was so much laughter and dancing and hugging throughout the day that it was contagious. From Hannah’s emotional first dance with her father, to Eli’s grandmother tearing up the dance floor in her 6-inch heels, to everything in between, it was a wonderful day.

Huge thanks to Mary Margaret Smith for her mad second shooting skills!


ADORE the shot below that Mary Margaret captured while I was in the midst of shooting family portraits. Every moment matters and I’m always thankful for a second pair of eyes on a wedding day. :)

Eli’s groomsmen each stuck a Matchbox car in his pocket when they walked down to the front of the church during the ceremony, so that his pockets were bulging the entire time. It was pretty cute. :)

The way Hannah’s sister and twin brothers were also crying during her dance with their father was just adorable. Love this family.

I don’t typically include group photos like this in blog posts, but Eli’s friends and family requested a silly photo and totally nailed it, so I have to give credit where it’s due. I mean, just LOOK at the dude who jumped 5 feet in the air for this! haha

Hannah and Eli, congratulations and thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of it!


katie - could they be more adorable?? That second to last photo is nuts. I mean magazine worthy and it’s stunning. Totally obsessed with these..yet again!

Stephanie + Josh // A Downtown Birmingham Just-Married Session

creative birmingham AL photographer

YOU GUYS. I’ll just go ahead and say it… I’m obsessed with this session. But before I get into it, I should give you some back story:

You might remember that it was my friend Stephanie who did ridiculously amazing wedding and photo styling as Proper Measures here in Birmingham awhile back. She was the visionary behind the styled rooftop bachelorette party I shot back in 2011. (Has it been that long?!) Since then, she has taken a job as a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters, who moved her out to Atlanta last year. And yes, we’ve all been missing her and her talent ever since. (A regular topic of conversation between me and some of my photographer friends is “Why did Stephanie have to leeeaave?! Birmingham needs her!”) Fast forward to this spring. I knew she had been dating this guy Josh (who happens to be the bassist for As I Lay Dying, NBD), but when she went on vacation with him to Palm Springs and Vegas and Instagrammed these photos….

… I was like, WHAT?! So amazing. And SO Stephanie’s style. I mean, seriously, could she and Josh look any cooler or more adorable together? So when she emailed me to say that she and Josh were planning to come to Birmingham for a reception for their friends and family before moving out to California together (where Josh’s band is based and where Stephanie just landed a transfer to another UO store), and wondered if I’d be up for doing some “real” photos of the two of them, I was so pumped. It was my first time meeting Josh, and I could tell immediately how perfect they are for each other and how happy they are together, which makes me so excited for this new chapter in Stephanie’s life.

We started the afternoon in and around the historic Redmont Hotel (the site of the bachelorette shoot, funnily enough) and ended the day at Railroad Park, where the city just installed the most amazing LED light display under one of the underpasses. I’ve been wanting to shoot there since they turned the lights on, so when Stephanie mentioned it as a possibility, I was reminded how much we think on the same wavelength when it comes to stuff like this. :) So without further ado, I’ll let the photos do some of the talking…

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Yep, these two are pretty dang good-looking together. ;)

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Congratulations Stephanie and Josh, and best of luck with the big move out to CA! Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration. :)


elle Danielle - I mean, could you be any more stinking talented?! Love, love, love, love them all! How amazing for them to be blessed with these great pictures, before moving to California.

Gail - You KILLED it with these, my friend! SO crazy proud of you and your talent. It’s always such a joy to look at your work (and makes me MISS YOU!)

Lorraine - Dude. DUDE.

Kelly Cummings - Love the one through the car. I’m a jelly Kelly for sure, congrats Stephanie!

katie - Girl. These are awesome. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you are a total chameleon and I love that about you! One day you’re photographing babies, the next a rock star couple. You go from Parent Magazine to Rolling Stone in the click of the shutter. Obsessed.

Sarah Becker Lillard - STUNNING! One of my favorite sessions of yours for sure! Love the tilt-shift magic you got goin’ on! AMAZING

Alisson - amazing pictures! i’m a big fan from as i lay dying.

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Jenny-Lyn + Soo-Young // A Reverent and Joyful Birmingham Wedding

When my friend Holly first emailed me to ask if I was free to shoot her friend Jenny’s wedding, and told me that she was doing all of her invitation and stationary design, I knew right off the bat it would be one I would want to shoot. I figured any friend of Holly’s would automatically be a person I would want to know. Then I met with Jenny and we hit it right off, just as I had expected. She told me she was envisioning a very classic wedding centered around the sacredness and worshipfulness of the ceremony itself, but that she and Soo-Young were definitely a fun-loving couple and wanted to choose elements that reflected that. Best example? Their first dance was to the classic 80’s hit “867-5309.” (Jenny, I got your number… I need to make you mine! Get it? ;)) I think the whole day struck the perfect balance between reverence and lightheartedness that Jenny was hoping for, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Huge thanks to my friend Taylor Haynie for assisting me on this one. Amazing as always!

Isn’t Holly‘s work just stunning? Such a talented lady!

An incredibly sweet first look.

Such a good-looking couple, yes? Jenny was like, “I gotta admit, I never would’ve thought about using a parking lot tunnel for photos.” And I was all, “My kookiness knows no bounds!” But really… tunnel light is AMAZING light.

So much joy. Love.

Is it bad that I wanted this baby’s headband for myself? ;)

Congratulations, Jenny-Lyn and Soo-Young! I hope you build a wonderful life together up in Minnesota!