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Will, Caity, and Baby Hattie

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If you’ve followed the blog for long, you may recognize this sweet little family. My cousin Will and his wife Caity, who were some of my very first clients, just recently had their first precious little baby, Miss Hattie Louise. They asked me to come to their home in Franklin, Tennessee to take some relaxed portraits of the three of them, which worked out perfectly since I hadn’t gotten to meet and hold this adorable tiny person yet. (And I’m sure my parents were hoping this visit would give me a case of baby fever. ;) )

Growing up is seriously a crazy thing. It seems like just yesterday my cousins and I were begging our parents to let us have sleepovers together, and now everyone is old enough to be having kids of their own. It just doesn’t seem possible! But it’s really happening, and I have to admit that it’s been so neat to see them take on these new roles and love on their babies.

Two things are guaranteed every time I visit Will and Caity’s house: 1) Will always offers me exotic homemade snacks and delicious French press coffee (the guy’s a genius in the kitchen) and 2) I am blown away by Caity’s design skills and craftiness (seriously, check out her blog Craft Day is the Best Day and see why she gives Martha a run for her money). So it was no surprise that right after I arrived, I was immediately handed a delicious smoothie and given a tour of the cutest nursery I’ve ever seen. (If you’re looking for more info about Caity’s inspiration and resources when putting it all together, check out her recap here.)

I hope you guys enjoy these photos. This is what I believe every family session should feel like: relaxed, authentic, and just plain fun. :)

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Hope - That sweet little face is enough to give ME baby fever! :-) I love the little turquoise cart, beautiful pics as usual.

Kimber - What a sweet little family! And seriously cute nursery, Caity and Will!

Carmen - This is such a wonderful session! All the images take me right back to having a newborn in our house too. Hattie is beautiful.

Cocoa - Morgan, these are pretty much the epitome of what a newborn session should be. No crazy props, no hanging babies in things (seriously, WHO started that trend?!)… just a sweet family and their love for each other. Amazing work!

Dad - Morgan, these are incredible photos of an adorable baby, Will and Caity will be great parents……here’s hoping the fever spreads quickly :)

Laura - I love everything about these!! I cried they are so sentimental and gorgeous! I love that you included the grandparents and the dog. What a precious little baby girl, how can you not get baby fever from that face? And I can’t wait to visit her craft blog! I love her nursery!

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Brady + Scott // A Park Crest Wedding with the Best Party Ever

birmingham alabama wedding

When Scott and Brady first met, Scott was a bartender, and Brady happened to be the last girl in the bar one night. They ended up talking for hours as he served her drinks, and the next day, Scott was telling his friends that he had met “the one.” I love this story, because I think it represents how much these two love to have a good time. They deeply value their relationships (you should have heard all the speeches at their rehearsal dinner– these two are the kinds of friends you WANT to have), they’re kind to everyone they meet, and they’re just… FUN. At our first meeting they told me that they were super laid back about the whole wedding planning process, and that honestly all they cared about was saying their vows to each other and making sure that everyone they loved had an amazing time. Since I think that’s about the best philosophy two people could have when it comes to getting married, I was naturally excited about being part of this one.

Even though the clouds and rain loomed overhead most of the day, no one batted an eyelash. A tent was set up over the ceremony site, prayers were said, and the best was hoped for. Fortunately, we only dealt with a few sprinkles during the most important parts of the day, and everyone’s spirits stayed high. What made it all even easier was getting to work with my good friends Elle Danielle (who came to second shoot for me) and Paul and Courtney (my favorite videographers- Kinora Films!). We had a blast documenting the day together and helped each other remain calm about the weather. In fact, Courtney is a bit of a weather nerd– so much so that she’s been invited to weather conferences and has earned the nickname “Courtney Spann”– so she kept an eye on the storm tracker on her phone for us throughout the day. Love that girl. ;) We also had an absolute BLAST at the reception because Brady and Scott hired the best DJ of all time, which meant we were doing a little dancing of our own while we shot. (I mean seriously… when you’re mixing “No Scrubs” with the Grease soundtrack with 80’s hits with “Get Low”… there’s going to be a lot of dancing. And because the room we were in was fairly small, with a low ceiling, and everyone was crowded in and going crazy, it felt more like a house party than a wedding reception… which gets a thumbs up from me! ;))

Brady and Scott, thank you so much for having us all be part of your incredible wedding. We love you guys!

allure wedding dress

Brady’s dress? A knockout!

mom helping daughter into wedding dressbride and bridesmaids

Love love love this group of ladies. Thank you to Dani (the girl on the far right) for whipping everyone into shape with their posing. :)

mismatched blush bridesmaids dressesstunning southern bride

Brady, you’re stunning. Also, I love you for wearing a braid and a flower in your hair.

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The cuteness below… I cannot even handle it. That’s Scott with his dad, two brothers, and nephew right before Brady came down the aisle.

sweet momentguitar player at weddingemotional mother of the groomsweet wedding momentshappy mother of the bride

This ceremony was one of the sweetest I’ve witnessed. So many laughs and tears.

sweet southern weddingtented outdoor spring weddingemotional bridesmaidring exchangefirst kiss

Love this angle of the first kiss that Elle got. That is a KISS, you guys!

first kissjust marriedloveexcitementladies manhugchecking out the blingfun wedding partypark crest hoover wedding

I absolutely loved the views from their venue, Park Crest.

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ALL of their guests were so much fun, but nothing quite compared to the moment “Footloose” was played. This guy unbuttoned his shirt halfway, put his glasses on, curled his lips, and graced us with some of the best vintage-John-Hughes-movie-style dancing we’ve seen. It was incredible.

80s throwbackfraternity wedding ritualkiss

Coolest mother of the bride ever? I think yes. :)

fun mother of the bridefun bridesparkler sendoff

Congratulations Scott and Brady!


Elle Danielle - Love love love! Great job, as always!!

Melanie - This looks like it could have been one of the most intimate, beautiful,fun weddings I’ve ever seen. Stunning couple. Great work baby girl.

Cat - Morgan, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I need to block your website from my feed for the next 6 months because each wedding you post leaves me straight up giddy with excitement for my own wedding. I CAN’T WAIT to be scrolling through the images you will take that day. GAHHHH! STUNNING work, as usual :-)

Elle + Greyson // The Most Adorable Mother-Son Duo You Ever Did See

I’m so excited to share these photos of my photographer friend LaTara (who you might also know as Elle Danielle) and her precious son Greyson today. I met them for the first time for coffee at Urban Standard back in February, and immediately fell in love with the dynamic they have with each other. Elle is so down-to-earth, laid back, and hilarious, and Greyson might be the most charming (and brilliant) 5-year-old I’ve ever been around. So when Elle asked me to take photos of them together, I was so pumped, and it turned out to be one of the easiest sessions of all time due to how these two can work the camera like nobody’s business. :) The morning of the shoot, Elle texted me to say that Greyson was practicing his “natural smile” and coming up with poses, and she wasn’t kidding around. He jumped right into it and started firing off ideas left and right. “Okay, Mommy, how about you lean down and I’ll whisper a secret in your ear? That’ll be cute. Okay, now let’s hold hands and look at each other!” I mean….. this kid is a photographer’s dream!

Elle told me a story about how one day, she had put Greyson in time out for something he had done, and when he came out of his room, he was crying and holding up a framed photo of the two of them together. He said, “Mommy, I just want you to be happy like you are in this picture!” Dagger to the heart, amirite?! So she told me she’s almost afraid to frame too many of these around the house to give him more material to work with. ;)

Anyway, just soak in this cuteness and tell me YOU don’t want to be happy like they are in these pictures. :)

Elle, you’re drop dead gorgeous. Dang, girl.

I mean… but for real… is he not the absolute CUTEST?!

A favorite for sure.

Ahhhhhh! I can’t even handle it!

Greyson brought his president flash cards so they could quiz each other. (But really I think he did it to remind me that I should repeat all my American history classes because I can not, in fact, name all the presidents.) You guys… this kid is a genius. He named off almost every one correctly right away, just based on their initials or what number they were and things like that. He put me to shame! :)

I asked him which President was his favorite…. :D

We ended the afternoon at Steel City Pops, a spot we all love. And so many good photo ops!

Elle and Greyson, thank you so much for such a fun afternoon! I <3 you guys!


Sarah Becker Lillard - These are so precious! What a unique shoot – I love how they love each other!

Gail - Three things:
1) Can you take photos of me and Dean like this when he’s five? We’ll make a special trip to Austin just for it (though I’m SO coming to see you before THAT!)
2) As someone who was OBSESSED with presidents as a kid (and I do mean OBSESSED) I cannot even tell you how much Greyson won me over with those flashcards.
3) The colors in this session? MAJOR SWOON.

Tiki - This is the most amazing family portrait I’ve ever seen!!!! Your work and your subjects (so in love with Latara and Greyson) are magnificent!!!! Love the skies that day and how they reflected in the window outside Steel Pops!!!

I can go on and on about this session, but I other viewers may get agitated!!! So, I’ll just end it with a love, love, love it!!!

Lora - Oh my gosh! such beautiful people!!! love love love!

Taylor Haynie - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Neki Garrett - love. love. love.

katie - Okay, I’m officially obsessed. Morgan – these are perfect. Can we discuss how gorgeous Elle and Greyson are? I can’t compliment you enough on this session…the colors, the location, everything. Love.

Faith - Love!!!! These are so great! :)