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Caroline + Paul // A Very Birmingham Winter Wedding

Caroline and Paul. Gah, what can I even say? They won me over from their very first email, and not just because I happened to already be a fan of Paul’s band based here in Birmingham, St. Paul & the Broken Bones. (But hey, for the record, David Letterman is too! ;)) It was so much more than that. I loved listening to them talk about their roots, about meeting long before Paul achieved any level of fame, and how they’ve built a relationship since then. I have immense respect for musicians who tour frequently and the spouses back home who hold down the fort and navigate daily life without the presence of their significant others. In fact, these two chose their wedding date based on Paul’s touring schedule, knowing it would be one of their only shots to have a wedding here at home and then spend time together, just the two of them, honeymooning in Hawaii. It just so happened that date fell in mid-December, which made the festivities feel all the more festive.

In addition to celebrating their marriage, it was super important for Caroline and Paul to also celebrate Birmingham, the city that loved and supported them from the beginning of this crazy ride they’re on. They married at Avondale United Methodist Church, in a neighborhood that’s experienced quite the renaissance over the past few years, and then had their reception at Saw’s Juke Joint in nearby Crestline. (Back story: they initially planned to have the reception at Sloss Furnaces, another quintessential landmark here in Birmingham, but due to some construction delays and issues, they had to scramble to find a backup venue just a couple of weeks before the wedding. First of all– as a bride– CAN YOU IMAGINE?! But Caroline handled the situation with nothing but grace and calm, and to be honest with you, I can’t imagine a more perfect spot for these two and their wedding than Saw’s, now that it’s happened. I think when you see the photos, you’ll agree.) There was plenty of local BBQ and beer and banana pudding, Paul’s record collection was spun by Shout Bamalama!, and good times were had all around. It was such a great day and I’m insanely honored to have shot it and thrilled to be sharing it now!

Huge thanks to my amazing friends Mary Margaret Smith and Ali Thurwachter for all their help (and, *ahem,* mutual John Paul White geeking out). They helped me capture some of the goodness you’re about to scroll through. Love you ladies!

And now, enjoy!

I just want to pause for a quick second and talk about the speeches during the reception. The kind of the thing that happens when you have an unplanned change of venue, to a location that isn’t necessarily used for wedding receptions, is that when it’s time for dances and speeches and whatnot, there really isn’t always a clearly defined space for those things to happen. No stage, no microphones, no speakers, etc. But sometimes that allows for the most beautiful moments to happen, like when as many guests as possible crowded into this tiny little side room to watch the speeches and cake cutting. It made the photography a little challenging, sure, but it was one of my favorite wedding day memories because it just felt SO intimate and spontaneous and wonderful. And it just goes to show that sometimes going with the flow and trusting that things will work out is the best approach you can have for your wedding day. Loved it.

Many congratulations, Caroline and Paul! We love you guys and wish you all the best!

Flowers: Mandy Busby // Ceremony Venue: Avondale United Methodist Church // Reception Venue and Catering: Saw’s Juke Joint // Dress: Stella York // Invitations: Emmy Designs // DJ: Shout Bamalama! // Coordinator: Jan O’Donnell // Hair: Tangie at Salon M2 // Makeup: Lindsay Garrett


Jen + James // A Modern Music City Wedding

I love Jen and James. Seriously. When we first connected over email (thanks to a referral from my friends at Armosa Studios!), I knew we were going to get along swimmingly. We have really similar taste in music and design, and Jen is short like me and James is tall like my own husband which is always fun. :) And when I read that their wedding would be at this new venue called the Rosewall in Nashville, a city near and dear to my heart, where I was born and spent a lot of my time growing up… let’s just say it didn’t take long for me to know I pretty much HAD to shoot this one.

My bestie Kelly and I drove into town that gorgeous April morning, and immediately upon arriving at the recording studio where Jen’s dad works (how cool is that?), we were welcomed in like we had always known each other. Jen and James’s wedding party was one of the most fun I’ve ever gotten to spend a day with. It was mostly made up of couples who are all close friends with each other, and I love that I still see photos on their Instagram feeds all the time of the entire group hanging out (because yes, I *am* a stalker). It was like being in an episode of Friends. So much fun! And the rest of the wedding was so gorgeous. Loved all the shades of blush pink and coral and mint against the modern, industrial vibe of the Rosewall. Good memories!

Enjoy some highlights below!

Jen’s gift to James was this engraved Salemtown board. Here was a bride who knew her groom well. :)


Below is James with his grandmother. YEP!

Congratulations you two! And happy almost one year anniversary! :)

Venue: The Rosewall // Catering: M Street // Florist: Terri Wood // Dress: Pronovias // Hair: Meghan Denton // Makeup: Monica Delgado // Music: DJ Mindub // Rentals: Music City Tents and Events // Invitations: Moxie Print Market (designed by the groom!) // Cake: Cindi Owen



Stacia - I love the photo of them cutting the cake! Too much fun! Great job, as always, Morgan!