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Rhiannon + Andrew // An Anniversary Session at the Zoo

anniversary portraits at the birmingham zoo

When Rhiannon first contacted me about doing an anniversary session for her and her husband Andrew, she told me that she had initially come across my work when she was planning her wedding last year. They ended up getting married in Florida at a venue that only allowed them to use certain vendors, but she kept my website bookmarked for the future. Fast forward to this year…. Andrew wasn’t too keen on getting his photo taken, so Rhiannon sneakily got him to participate by asking for the session for her birthday. And apparently he just couldn’t say no. ;)

We decided to meet up at the Birmingham Zoo on a Friday afternoon. It was my first time there, and I LOVED it! They’ve undergone a lot of changes in the past few years, and it felt very Animal Kingdom-esque. Plus, since there had been a threat of rain all day, the park was practically empty, which made it that much more fun. I love how the environment made the shoot feel so light-hearted, too. It was fun to act like kids for a couple of hours. And snuggling monkeys really just make everything better. :)

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to document this stage of your journey together! I had a blast!

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Carrie Joy - Awwwww… What a cute session! SO FUN & playful. I love this entire set. Great job as always my dear :)

elle Danielle - spooning monkeys :)

Christy + Devin // A Summit Club Wedding

You guys. It has been an ABSURDLY long time since I last blogged. I think I may have set a new record of silence for myself! I didn’t mean to neglect it for so long, but shooting, editing, and delivering photos to clients (and having a life!) has been my top priority for the past month or so, and I’m trying like crazy to get caught up before the fall wedding season kicks my behind. :) So prepare yourself for an avalanche of blog posts over the next few weeks!

Let’s kick things off with Christy and Devin’s wedding, which I shot last month at The Summit Club with the help of my friend Mary Margaret Smith. You might remember these two and their fun personalities from their engagement session awhile back. I knew then that they would be so fun to hang out with on their wedding day, and I was right. From the moment we showed up, they kept us laughing, and I’m probably *never* going to forget Devin’s “sexy dance” for Christy at the reception. ;)

Huge thanks to Meghan Cease of M. Elizabeth Events for helping the day to run smoothly, and to our friends Jordan and Audrey Mahy for being such great filmmakers to work with!

On to the photos…

How killer are these Gucci heels?! Dying! Also, this was my first time getting to shoot at the Summit Club and I was blown away by the views of downtown from up there. It made for such a great urban environment!

Love this shot that MM captured of the groomsmen. How much do you want to be hanging out with them right now?

I love how Amberly Shelton incorporated the Birmingham skyline into their wedding monogram. Such a modern twist on a Southern classic!

This legitimately might be one of my favorite photos EVER. Devin’s moves were obviously hilarious, but the groomsman in the background video-ing the whole thing and cheering him on was even better. :)

Congratulations Christy and Devin! It was an honor to be apart of your day!


Meredith - Whhhaaaaa?! Morgan, these are amazing!!!

Hope - The peonie bouquets are gorgeous!

Kaitie Bryant - That shot of the grandmother’s hand is AMAZING. I love love it (and the one of the wall with the big shadow!!!) you rock as always morgan!

elle Danielle - That first shot of the building.. wowzers. You’re so amazing.

The Bubalo Family

There are several sessions from the past few months that I just haven’t been able to blog yet, and this is one of them, so I’m happy to finally be sharing it today! Barbara, who is a talented photographer herself, contacted me a loooong time ago about setting up a family shoot, and thankfully the stars finally aligned and we were able to meet up on a sunny weekday at one of the parks in the Highland neighborhood for some fun. I was NOT prepared for how cute the whole family was going to look though… Barbara expertly coordinated all their outfits (while letting the kids still be kids, which is important!), and I couldn’t get over all the adorableness. Polka dots, stripes, colors, and cowboy boots? She’s a girl after my own heart! I loved that the Bubalos let me capture them just as they are– smiles, fusses, hugs, and all– and I’m so happy with what we got! Thank you guys for such a great day! :)


katie - 3 things.
1. this family and these photos are adorable.
2. wherever this is, i want to live there.
3. is it just me or does barbara slightly resemble justine bateman?

Meredith - Seriously ADORABLE!!