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Kate + Alex // An Adorable Tannehill Park Wedding

tannehill state park wedding

The first time I drove into Tannehill State Park for a wedding last fall, I instantly fell in love with its oodles of charm. The historic buildings, including a schoolhouse and a precious little white chapel, that had been brought there from all around the state of Alabama, were so adorable that they honestly seemed too good to be true for a wedding venue. It was like walking into a scene from a Wes Anderson film.

So when I first met with Kate and Alex not long after that, and Kate described growing up right next to Tannehill, and how her family walks from their house to the park on a regular basis to this day, and how she has dreamed about getting married in that oh-so-quaint little white church since she was a little girl… well, let’s just say I was crossing my fingers under the table that they would book me. ;) Luckily, they did, and I got to experience the magic that this place holds all over again.

Kate and Alex first met when Kate played on a tennis team with his mom, and one day they were short on a doubles game and she invited her son to fill in. (Kate told me that Mrs. Anna still likes to joke about how she “hand-picked” her for Alex. :) ) Apparently a relationship born in athletics continues that way, because now these two also mountain bike and Crossfit together. I guess the couple who works out together, stays together? (If so, Jamie and I are in trouble! My idea of a workout involves digesting a delicious plate of food.) But I love that Kate is also a girly-girl who will monogram anything and put on the most gorgeous lace wedding dress you’ve ever seen. She and Alex really are perfect for each other, and their wedding was a joy to photograph.

I have to give a quick (but HUGE) shout-out to my friend Jon Sharman for driving all the way down from Memphis to second shoot for me! He’s such a fun guy to hang out and shoot with, and I’m so thankful that he’s going to be photographing my middle-and-high-school-best-friend Amy’s wedding this September up in Memphis. When she asked for recommendations (after finding out I was already booked on the day they chose… *tear*), I just had a feeling they would be a great fit for each other, and luckily he was free and it worked out perfectly. So I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to shoot with him and can’t wait to see what magic he works for Amy’s big day! You’ll see some of his shots sprinkled throughout this post. :)

Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, let’s get on to the photos, shall we? Enjoy!

schoolhouse wedding birmingham AL wedding photographer vintage school house wedding gorgeous engagement ring morgan trinker photography getting ready wedding signs bride putting on dress morgan trinker photography red schoolhouse door classic hot rod getaway car church in the woods

Love this shot that Jon captured right before Kate and Alex’s first look. :)

first look sweet bride and groom

This church is seriously my favorite. Oh my goodness.

chapel in the woods wedding classic black and white photography pepsi sign mother of the groom hug

Such a fun wedding party! I’ll never say no to photos with sunglasses. ;)

unique creative wedding photographer gorgeous southern wedding flower girl tannehill wedding kiss from mom mr. and mrs. string lights at reception alabama spring wedding

The photo below might legitimately be one of my all-time favorite candids. Seriously…. HOW CUTE IS THIS.

secrets classic bridal portraits monogrammed handkerchief lovely southern bride sweet moment between bride and father bride drinking red bull chapel in the woods classic southern chapel wedding classic southern wedding groom sweet southern wedding little white chapel exchanging rings wedding guests laughing during ceremony

I love that Alex’s expression here says, “Whew. We did it!”

happy groom gorgeous alabama bride morgan trinker photography classic black and white portraits sweet bride and groom romantic kiss in the woods morgan trinker photography alabama wedding fun candid photographer first dance father daughter dance

I love that these boys are having a sword fight with plastic knives, but I love even more the woman’s face on the left edge of the frame that simply says boys will be boys!

sword fight sleepy guest cake in the face

Seriously…. Kate’s nephew wins the Best Dancer at Any Wedding Ever award. He was a tour de force!

best kid dancer ever

Kate requested a photo with their caterer, Chef Bob, and his team made up of his family members. How sweet is this?!

chef bob and crew yummy southern comfort food sweet puppy cute flower girl nighttime wedding portraits creative nighttime wedding photography

Kate and Alex, I had a wonderful time shooting your wedding. Congratulations to you both, and I wish you the best of luck and all the happiness in the world!


Debbie Trinker - What a lovely spot for a wedding! Beautiful bride, handsome groom, great food and a fab photog! I love the pic of the Kate sipping some Redbull before walking down the aisle – let the party begin!!!!

Kimber - Wow! That church is gorgeous with a side of super cute! Beautiful wedding!

Kathryn - Where was the reception? I love the rustic look!

Lauren Horn - kate – We’re on the plane and took a quick look. So wonderful and can’t wait to see them all!

JEFF AND BARBARA MCCONATHY - This pics are great .and my wife and i. Have lifted theae 2 up in prayer to GOD that thay will have the best life. For years to come .the bible says when2 or more are gathered in his name the LORD is with them …….happy years to come alez and kate

terah - Where was this reception?

shelby - Such a beautiful wedding. Where was the reception??

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