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Kirstyn + John // A Bring-the-Outdoors-In Wedding in Franklin, TN

Kirstyn and John have a motto for themselves as a couple: “Team Hewitt.” They’ve both got a competitive spirit (they met running track in high school and at the University of Tennessee and are both incredibly athletic), but I love that instead of competing against each other, they’ve joined forces and are a pretty unstoppable duo, if I do say so myself. One look at Kirstyn’s Instagram feed, which is filled with photos of all the home renovation projects they tackle every weekend, is all the proof you need. These two are serious go-getters!

I first met Kirstyn and John because John is my cousin-in-law Caity’s brother. (I know, it’s kind of confusing. Just trust me when I say we’re sort of related. haha.) I was so honored when Kirstyn first called me to ask if I’d be interested in shooting their wedding. She explained that John was not so excited about the thought of getting his photo taken, so they wanted someone there they felt familiar and comfortable with. Apparently this strategy worked, because when I went up to Franklin to do their “bridal” portraits a couple of weeks before the wedding, I got a text from Caity the next day. She said that John (who, according to her, is the most reserved person she knows and is not one to throw around compliments willy-nilly) had told everyone that I was, and I quote, “awesome.” I always say that if I can win over the groom, I consider my mission accomplished, but in this case, I was especially flattered. I got John’s coveted stamp of approval, guys! :)

I love that it was so important to Kirstyn and John to have their family and friends be as involved as possible and contribute their talents to pulling off the wedding. Caity designed their invitations and paper goods, John’s other sister Sarah Beth tackled the hair and makeup, my cousin Will (Caity’s husband) and several members of their church took care of the ceremony music, John’s mother did the flowers, and the Hewitt family’s garden and landscaping business arranged to have all sorts of greenery brought into their venue, the Factory, to transform the ceremony stage into a veritable woodland scene. Obviously creative talent runs wild in this family!

My other favorite thing about this wedding was getting to shoot it with my intern and fantastic photographer Elizabeth. It’s such a small world… Elizabeth’s brother is one of Kirstyn’s good high school friends, and Kirstyn asked Elizabeth to shoot their engagement photos when she was back in Nashville. Elizabeth now goes to Samford here in Birmingham, and she initially contacted me because Kirstyn sent her my name after hearing she was looking for someone to mentor her. So of course it was a no-brainer to have her come second shoot for me on the wedding day! So much fun!

And fiiiinally…. the photos! Hope you guys enjoy!

Caity explained to me that her family has this huge collection of photos of the kids growing up, where everyone would make a crazy face except for John. Love that they paid tribute to this on the wedding day. :)

Elizabeth knocked these photos of the girls praying before the ceremony right out of the park!

Kirstyn and John (and the entire Hewitt/Sweeney family), thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day! We loved it!


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