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Suzi + Art // A Highland Park Engagement Session with All the Leaves

Oh, Suzi and Art. How I love this couple. First of all, they had me at their names– Suzi and Art? amazing– then, they told me about their history– they met in D.C., she as an English major from Memphis wanting to work in the nonprofit sector and he as a political science major wanting to work on the Hill– and when we showed up to our first meeting together, Suzi and I were wearing basically the same outfit– polka dots and pops of color forever!

So when they suggested meeting in Highland Park in the fall for their engagement session, and wanted to bring along their corgi Otis, and asked if we could finish our time at the Bottega Cafe with pizza and cocktails… yeah, I was all in. Loved everything about this session… the way Suzi’s yellow coat played off the colors of the leaves, Art’s penchant for humor and hilarious facial expressions, being able to totally picture these two as a power couple taking D.C. by storm. I feel so thankful to have been able to spend this time together and get to know them. Enjoy!


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