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slc, here we come!

Since I’ve been in quite the productive mode these past few days, I thought I’d also go ahead and share a slideshow of our trip to Salt Lake City so you can get a glimpse of where the Trinkers will be heading in a few short weeks. We absolutely loved it there… the snow, the city life, the friendly people, the variety of things to do, and our pretty stinkin’ amazing apartment on the top floor of this old Victorian house smack in the middle of downtown. (From our balcony, we can see the whole of Temple Square AND all the snow-covered mountains in the distance- which are so close to the city that you literally feel like you can reach out and touch them at any moment.) Even though the majority of the trip was spent walking up and down what seemed like every street in the city looking for a place to live (harder than you’d think, because for some reason most apartments there don’t allow dogs- boo), we loved exploring. The more we saw, the more we were convinced that we made the perfect decision for the place we’ll be for the next few years. So, come visit us! We’ll always have a place for you to stay if you want to come out and see these unbelievable mountains for yourself!


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