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Lil Jameson’s gonna be here before you know it…

Last weekend I flew to Denver (slash Louisville, slash Boulder!) for my bff Megan‘s baby shower. (I shot her maternity session earlier this month.) I had SO much fun! I hadn’t been to Colorado before, so it was exciting to get to explore a new place. When I got into town on Friday, Megan and I Tokyo Joe’d for lunch and then dealt with the minor catastrophe of a flooded apartment, as their toilet had overflowed while we were gone. Boo! Later on, Megan and Brandon’s longtime friends Sam and Quimby came over for dinner. They live in Las Vegas, and they are SO much fun. We had so many good conversations about books and politics and our cities and, yes, FONT. Major geek-out session, let me tell ya! Mike and Jenn got in later that evening, and pretty soon after that we tucked in for the night because a busy, busy Saturday was ahead!

The next morning, we headed to Megan’s parents’ house for the shower. The boys headed off to do manly things like hike and compare Megan’s dad to Chuck Norris, and we waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive to start the party. There was quite a turnout, and I gotta say, for someone who hasn’t even entered the world yet, Jameson sure did score a lot of loot! I especially loved all the handmade goods… the blankets, the quilts, the knitted booties and outfits, the diaper bag Jenn’s mom made… and of course all of the wonderful Etsy stuff! The nursery theme is “vintage cowboy,” and you know how it is with me and vintage ANYTHING, so I was drooooling all over everything. So cute! Thank you so much Mrs. Lackey and Kimberly for all your hard work to pull off such a great shower, and thanks Caitlyn for the adorable cupcakes. It was such a beautiful day all around.

Love some detail shots… Daisies and strawberries and Izzies… could there be any more summery combination?


Oh yeah, I’m definitely still on a balloon kick. Love these!



This is the Lackeys’ dog Coco. Oh my goodness, is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


Yay family! (Brandon’s grandmother is so precious, by the way.)



The many faces of Megan June. :)



All of Megan’s sisters and girl cousins! Wow, they look SO much alike. Pretty girls.




….being sisters!


And Megan and her mama…. who could pass for another sister! :)


I think Jenn, Megan, and I pretty much cover the hair color spectrum here. Yay Tennessee friends…. who have since moved to Phoenix, Boulder, and Salt Lake City. East coast to west coast… we’re pretty much jet-setters. Not gonna lie.


And Megan with her beautiful friend Sam… look at those green eyes! Man!


And I GUESS the guys can have their own shot…. Still bummed Jamie didn’t get to be there to hang out with Brandon and Mike and meet Quimby! Ah, well. Maybe next time…


So that’s that! Fun weekend…. the last hurrah before little Jameson turns the world upside down! But boy, I can’t WAIT  to meet him!

Oh, and I almost forgot:


(set to Lenka‘s “We Won’t Grow Old”)


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FAQ for Photographers: See the Light. Be the Light.

The other night, when Jamie and I were walking home from the Jenny Lewis show, we witnessed some of the most amazing sunset light EVER. It’s so weird how, since I’ve really delved into photography, I’ve begun to pay so much more attention to light. I can’t believe how important it is to creating a perfect image. And there are so many different qualities of light- harsh light, soft light, warm light, low light, and on and on. One of the keys to being successful, it seems to me, is learning how to use and manipulate the light you have to bring out the best in your subject, and knowing your camera settings inside and out to be able to do so quickly…. because many times the light can change before you blink. You gotta chase it and capture it while you can. At this stage in my development, I am nowhere near mastering the art of artificial lighting, whether on or off camera. In fact, it intimidates me quite a bit. I’m hoping to one day be able to afford a Give Me Moore session with Kelly Moore, who I consider to be one of the absolute best off-camera-lighting photographers PERIOD. But ’til then, I’ll keep chasing the light God gives me, and using it to the best of my ability. Which is pretty dang hard to beat, I gotta tell you.

Ah, what dreamy light… I love how it’s playing off all the buildings, reflecting from window to window to window. Yummm.







On another note, I’m really, really working on a pricing guide (with a LOT of help from Stacy Reeves’s Pricing Guide and Nolo’s Small Business Start-Up Kit) and some gallery pages to get this site a little more professionalized. So people might actually HIRE me! What a novel idea. :)


should i just rename the blog “ode to jenny lewis”?

Thursday night Jamie and I went to the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City for their free Twilight Concert Series (the equivalent of Sundown in the City, for all you Knoxville folk). Mainly because JENNY LEWIS was playing! AHHHHH! Oh my goodness, I have such a girl crush on her. I want to BE her. And apparently a lot of other girls do too, because you should have SEEN how many Jenny Lewis wannabes were wandering around. You can see in the pictures that she was wearing those crazy high-waisted super short shorts from the 70s with a ripped-up T-shirt tucked in. This is NOT a look many girls can pull off. But oh man, that sure didn’t stop them from trying. We saw WAY more butt cheeks hanging out of shorts than we imagined possible. But Jenny? Well of course SHE can pull them off. If you’re the Queen of Indie, you can pretty much do and wear what you want and get away with it. That’s just the way it is.

For all the reasons I am in LOVE with this girl, see these old blog posts: HERE and HERE.

So I will spare you all the gushing since you’ve heard it before, but I HAD to share some images because we were actually able to get CLOSE this time. Granted, I was standing behind the gawkiest 6’6″ kid in the world and could barely see anything, but that’s what holding a camera over your head the whole time is for! Duhhhh.

These were shot with my Canon Powershot SD870 IS, which is a crazy-good point and shoot. Considering the low lighting, no flash, and the close-up zooms– and the fact that I was holding the camera over my head the whole time– this thing performed pretty dang well.



The guy in the white T-shirt is Johnathan Rice, Jenny’s boy toy/producer/back-up singer/guitar player. Awwwww…..










Tara - I’m so jealous of you right now…so jealous.

admin - Just put that on your list of reasons to become a Mormon and move to SLC. :)

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