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In the beginning…

Since it’s been a few days since my last post, and I don’t really have much new material to share with you, I thought I’d go back in time a bit to last December, when I photographed Jamie and Erik- my first “couples” session! This was shortly after I’d shot Hope and Chris’s wedding in October (which will also be blogged one of these days!) and made the decision to jump into this whole mess headfirst. Jamie contacted me after she had seen some of the images I’d posted from the wedding and was wondering if I’d be interested in doing a session with her and Erik just for fun. And I said… HECK YEAH!

It was so much fun to hang out with them that coooold winter day, running all around downtown Knoxville. They brought along their sweet dog Rocco, who behaved SO well the whole time, and they were literally up for anything, which is ALWAYS a bonus! So I had just gotten my brand new camera, and was frankly still trying to figure out how to USE the darn thing, and now, in retrospect, I know there are all sorts of “rookie mistakes” I made. I mean, for crying out loud, we shot in harsh morning sun, with backlighting and all sorts of other potentially problematic issues. But you know what? I’m kinda proud of what I made of it, for really starting to take charge of my projects and own my creative risks. I remember being absolutely floored when my wedding photographer and friend Andy Armstrong wrote the most encouraging comments on my Facebook page when I first posted these. Andy, that seriously gave me the confidence I really needed to pursue this.

Anyway, it was fun to go back and revisit this shoot. If this is your first time seeing them, enjoy! If not… well… hopefully I’ll have some newer stuff for you to see soon! But I mean, who wouldn’t want to stare at this beautiful couple all day long? I mean, really. :)


This makes me miss Knoxville….


Oh yay! Thanks guys for believing in me.


megan - Oh these are so wonderful!! Jamie and Erik are such a fun couple, and you really captured that!! Yay Morgan!!

oh, and I think you should make a side business of dog photography! ;)

Give me some of that Pioneer Spirit!

Yesterday we celebrated Pioneer Day here in Utah. (Also known as “Pie ‘n beer Day” to the non-Mormons, apparently. :) ) As you know, one of the reasons we decided to move to Salt Lake City was to immerse ourselves in an entirely different culture. Well…. it’s different, alright! But not always in the ways we expected it to be. I mean, everyone knows it’s the Mormon capital of the world. But we hardly knew a thing about Mormonism before we moved here, and it’s definitely been a surprising experience.

Well, anyway, I won’t bore you with all the details, but I DO have to share Pioneer Day with you. July 24 marks the anniversary of the day that Brigham Young and his, well, fellow pioneers discovered this area and decided it was the place they would settle. So it’s pretty much a huge celebration of the birth of the city as a refuge for the Mormons who had, to this point, been pursued and persecuted, but it’s also in a more general sense a celebration of “pioneer spirit,” which takes many different forms, from entrepreneurship to patriotism to religious leadership and evangelism to personal growth and the nurturing of values and whatnot. It’s like the Fourth of July on steroids. The whole state practically shuts down and everyone gets the day off, which I’ve never seen before for something other than a national holiday.

One of the biggest parts of the day is the Days of ’47 parade, which takes place in the early morning, shortly after the sunrise services and just before all the rodeos and picnics and fireworks later in the day. This is such a big deal that people literally camp out all along the parade route downtown the night before. Luckily we only live a couple of blocks away from where it starts, so we rolled out of bed and walked on down…. about an hour late, of course (as Jamie said, “Who has a parade at NINE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING?!”). There was still PLENTY to see, though!

We probably wouldn’t have been able to last the whole time anyway, because it was like 100 degrees and humid. HUMID. In Utah! This is what we moved out of Tennessee for, and here we are stuck in it again! Uggghhh….


Nothing like some flashy cowgirl outfits to get the party started.


There were LOTS of beauty queens on hand to grace us with that perfect wave…


… And lots of classic cars and wagons and whatnot… very cool.


They don’t mess around with these floats, now.


Good ole Brigham Young University…. the University of Utah’s biggest rival. Uh-oh…








And what Pioneer celebration would be complete without hula dancers? I mean, really. It was a very multicultural event, I have to say.


I’m sorry, but this is just downright creepy.



Samuel H. Smith… Good ole Joseph’s brother.


Mormon missionaries from around the world.







This next float was just kind of bizarre… The parade announcer said that it represented this story about a widow who plants some seeds, and a rooster eats the seeds, so she kills the rooster, reclaims the seeds, and makes soup out of him for dinner. So I guess the moral has something to do with resourcefulness…. ish?






All in all, it was a pretty fun time. I think next year we’ll have to partake in the “pie-n-beer” part of the day instead, though. That’s the pioneer spirit.


Camron - Yes. Yes. Ask Craig and Kevin how Pie n Beer day went for them. We were all miserable today. Love the pictures!

Debbie - Great pics Morgan!Looks like a fun day! Sorry it was so hot – a Polygamy Porter in hand would have made the heat more bearable.

Tara - I’m officially creeped out by all the beauty queens…

Lil Jameson’s gonna be here before you know it…

Last weekend I flew to Denver (slash Louisville, slash Boulder!) for my bff Megan‘s baby shower. (I shot her maternity session earlier this month.) I had SO much fun! I hadn’t been to Colorado before, so it was exciting to get to explore a new place. When I got into town on Friday, Megan and I Tokyo Joe’d for lunch and then dealt with the minor catastrophe of a flooded apartment, as their toilet had overflowed while we were gone. Boo! Later on, Megan and Brandon’s longtime friends Sam and Quimby came over for dinner. They live in Las Vegas, and they are SO much fun. We had so many good conversations about books and politics and our cities and, yes, FONT. Major geek-out session, let me tell ya! Mike and Jenn got in later that evening, and pretty soon after that we tucked in for the night because a busy, busy Saturday was ahead!

The next morning, we headed to Megan’s parents’ house for the shower. The boys headed off to do manly things like hike and compare Megan’s dad to Chuck Norris, and we waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive to start the party. There was quite a turnout, and I gotta say, for someone who hasn’t even entered the world yet, Jameson sure did score a lot of loot! I especially loved all the handmade goods… the blankets, the quilts, the knitted booties and outfits, the diaper bag Jenn’s mom made… and of course all of the wonderful Etsy stuff! The nursery theme is “vintage cowboy,” and you know how it is with me and vintage ANYTHING, so I was drooooling all over everything. So cute! Thank you so much Mrs. Lackey and Kimberly for all your hard work to pull off such a great shower, and thanks Caitlyn for the adorable cupcakes. It was such a beautiful day all around.

Love some detail shots… Daisies and strawberries and Izzies… could there be any more summery combination?


Oh yeah, I’m definitely still on a balloon kick. Love these!



This is the Lackeys’ dog Coco. Oh my goodness, is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


Yay family! (Brandon’s grandmother is so precious, by the way.)



The many faces of Megan June. :)



All of Megan’s sisters and girl cousins! Wow, they look SO much alike. Pretty girls.




….being sisters!


And Megan and her mama…. who could pass for another sister! :)


I think Jenn, Megan, and I pretty much cover the hair color spectrum here. Yay Tennessee friends…. who have since moved to Phoenix, Boulder, and Salt Lake City. East coast to west coast… we’re pretty much jet-setters. Not gonna lie.


And Megan with her beautiful friend Sam… look at those green eyes! Man!


And I GUESS the guys can have their own shot…. Still bummed Jamie didn’t get to be there to hang out with Brandon and Mike and meet Quimby! Ah, well. Maybe next time…


So that’s that! Fun weekend…. the last hurrah before little Jameson turns the world upside down! But boy, I can’t WAIT  to meet him!

Oh, and I almost forgot:


(set to Lenka‘s “We Won’t Grow Old”)


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