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Lisa + Andy // A Romantic, Vintage-Inspired Virginia Wedding

Lisa and Andy were a couple who came to me from Just a Little Ditty events in Virginia (adore working with Dickie and Maureen), and I jumped at the chance to return to one of my favorite places to work with some of my favorite people on such a laidback, truly fun wedding day.

When I think back on this wedding, the thing that stands out to me the most is the incredible family bond that was on display. Andy is one of four brothers, and it was neat to witness how close they are with each other. Check out the sheer amount of tears shed during the toasts. ;) (Also, one of my favorite moments of the day– maybe one of my favorite wedding day memories ever– was his youngest brother Alex being handed a microphone by the DJ to sing along to Toto’s “Africa” at the reception and everyone cheering him on. It just represented everything that’s amazing about the middle of a reception– everyone’s several drinks in, the stressful parts of the day are over, the bride’s shoes are missing, and someone suddenly feels the confidence, being swept up in the euphoria of it all, that he can definitely belt out Africa, no problem– gah, it’s just the best. Always some of my very favorite parts of a wedding day.)

I also loved how the design of the day came together. The groomsmen’s maroon pants and chambray jackets were so sharp. The shades of rich purple, dusty rose, and maroon woven through the florals and outfits were just rich and lovely and felt very vintage. The setting of the Belle Haven historic home was gorgeous. Just a photographer’s dream.



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