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Laura + Jake // A Cozy, Wine-Colored Wintry Wedding

I have to say that winter weddings have really grown on me in my years as a photographer. Normally, I hate winter. I’m not a cold weather person, I loathe daylight savings time and the 4:30 pm sunsets, and generally, I just find myself counting down the days until warmer weather and more sunshine.

But these winter weddings? They’ve become a bright spot in the midst of the darkness and cold. I’ve come to realize that this is because a wedding is an opportunity to gather together in a cozy, warm environment, to share wine and delicious comfort food, and to bring laughter and sparkle to those long days and weeks of being stuck indoors.

From a photography perspective, winter weddings aren’t without their challenges, certainly. You have to contend with much less natural light for portraits and try not to torture families and wedding parties by dragging them out into the bitter cold when they’re not bundled up in sweaters and heavy coats. (Poor bridesmaids, especially, with those bare arms!) However, it not only be a rewarding challenge to make the most of less-than-ideal circumstances, but the light changes in such a way during the winter months that it can actually be quite lovely, if you’re able to capture a bit of golden light peeking through an overcast sky.

Laura and Jake’s wedding was the perfect illustration of the magic of winter weddings. I met Laura and her mother not long before the wedding at 1818 Farms in Huntsville to shoot her bridal session, and boy, was that winter golden light pure magic. (Not to mention all the SHEEP!) Then, when it came to the wedding day, we were faced with cold and overcast skies, and no, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience doing outdoor portraits, but… BUT! There was a certain coziness to the entire day that simply could not be matched in a warm-weather setting. The chill sent everyone indoors to huddle and hug on each other for warmth. Good food and wine warmed everyone’s bellies. And the love and joy felt throughout the day was such a welcome respite from the general bleakness of long winter months.

I hope you feel the cozy oozing out of these photos. :)


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