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In an ongoing effort to procrastinate on the whole cleaning/packing/preparing/moving process, I wasted a good two hours rifling through old folders of photographs taken over the past few years, between my time at the College of Charleston and now (many of which with my trusty point-and-shoot!). I particularly liked these, and thought I’d share not only for nostalgia’s sake, but also because if there is one thing I intend not to let fall by the wayside, as many of my other endeavors do, it is updating this blog consistently. Nobody likes a dead link, after all.

I was totally obsessed with all the old, quirky details in the historic house my friend Lindsey rented in Charleston. I loooove everything about this door, and will always remember this image when I think of my time there.


And THIS is by far one of my favorite images that I have ever, ever, EVER taken (and it was taken with the handy-dandy Canon powershot, to boot!). I took this while wandering around the Worlds Fair Park one day while Jamie and his friends played flag football. Jamie said they periodically stopped to point out how strange I looked climbing all over things and trespassing in buildings to take pictures. (I don’t think they understood why you would ever take a picture without a person in it. :) ) I love the light, I love the color, I love the reflections, I love the all-around feel of it. Just magical.


It always fascinates me at Starbucks to watch how sunrises and sunsets (because yes, I see them both there) cast light on all the different shiny, reflective surfaces behind the counter. Plus everyone just looks prettier in that kind of light! I happened to spot this little moment one day while working and thankfully had my camera on me, so I left my drinks at the bar to run back and get it so I could catch this. (And in case it’s not obvious, those are the shadows of syrup bottles on our stainless steel countertops).


This was a huge building project in Charleston when I was living there. The construction of this bridge was all anyone talked about forever, and I think, if I remember correctly, they had a night where everyone could camp out on the bridge before it was opened to traffic. Sweet! Really, though, if you’ve ever driven over one of the OLD bridges in this area, you would appreciate this modern technological marvel, because they are quite frightening to drive on. Snapped this one while riding (not driving!) under its arches on a rainy day. Love the atmosphere.


Okay, I HATE, HATE, HATE spiders and other things that have multiple creepy little legs, but I was fascinated by this one, which sort of made its home at my friend Richard’s house for a couple of weeks. I think he was named at some point, but I forgot what it was. Somehow, with the texture courtesy of  Andy Armstrong’s design|house, it just works.


Yet another couple who believed in me enough to ask me to photograph them! I felt extremely honored to do so, and loved hanging out with them and their awesome dog, Rocco. Love the Kodak Duaflex effect here (which I cheated in creating by using Photoshop… hopefully I can figure out how to use the ACTUAL old-school camera I bought on craigslist one day).


Another Charleston shot, taken on King Street. Miss that place. Seriously. But love the ode to Britain here.


Okay, Megan and Brandon should remember this little treasure. When we went camping with them last fall, we hiked up this huge mountain one day expecting to find this glorious view at the top. Instead, we got a bunch of trees and this super-creepy little white brick building with all these sketchy antennas and wires all around it and in it. Felt like the Twilight Zone…


I will miss Knoxville. Believe it or not.


Here’s one of my hot man on the day he taught me how to fly fish. Heck yes, I caught one! I love seeing him get so into something, and I love the connection he feels with nature and with God when he’s fishing. Supposedly Utah is one of the best places to fly fish in the nation, so it’ll be fun to explore and try it out in a whole new place. Love the light playing on the wire here…


Awww, it’s our little Aaron, the boy my family has been babysitting for the past 3 1/2 years. I think this was taken a couple of years ago, so he still looks pretty baby-ish here, but this image DOES NOT do justice to the gorgeousness of this boy’s big blue eyes and miles-long eyelashes. He seriously says the most random and hysterical things too. The other day when we were over at my parents’ house, he was outside kicking around a soccer ball, and he was instructing everyone on how and where to kick it (“hard” and “to the scissor-clouds” are some examples). Then he told my dad to kick it high, but don’t kick it to God because He won’t kick it back. Hahahahahaha, how I love him.


The last two are some recent attempts with my new Lensbaby lens, which mimics the effects of old school vintage and toy cameras. It’s kinda awkward to use though, so I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it yet, but I think it’s a fun lens for creative experimentation. Plus, I’m a sucker for blur, and this gives you PLENTY of it.



Ho-hum. I suppose now I should actually go get dressed for work. Blech.


megan - I forgot about that shack at the top of the “overlook”! And, the logo inside the t.v. is a great touch! Love your photos as always, pretty amazing!

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