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Anna + Doug // A Cozy Cabin Wedding with Family

Anna and Doug’s weddings was one of the very last ones I shot as a full-time wedding photographer, and honestly, I am so thankful that I will forever have it as a memory of the closing of that chapter of my life. Everything about this intimate event was just incredibly sweet and simple and pure.

I will always remember having shot another wedding in Knoxville late into the night the Friday before, getting a tiny bit of sleep, then turning off my alarm at 4:00 am to get up and make the drive down into the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. It was cold and dark and foggy, and I had a giant cup of coffee in hand. I pulled into the driveway of a beautiful little log cabin tucked away in the woods, while it was still barely light out, and I just felt the magic of it all.

Once inside, I was welcomed into the fold like family. In fact, the only people present, aside from myself, were family members. They gathered around Anna and Doug in an informal grouping of chairs in front of the fireplace in the living room and watched as the two committed their lives to each other. It was beautiful.

I so admired the simplicity of the entire day, from Anna’s $90 clearance dress from David’s Bridal that she jazzed up with a shawl and made look like a million bucks, to the incredible brunch buffet following the ceremony, to the precious waffle “cake” topped with little handmade wooden figurines. Just perfect. What was on display wasn’t a lot of money or pomp and circumstance– it was love, it was intimacy, it was beauty. 



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